Pine River-Backus PTO

Real Men Make a Difference

(a.k.a. Men of March)

We invite fathers, grandfathers, uncles or other father figures to volunteer for a day at their child’s school.

Does this sound familiar? The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) established the Men of March volunteer program in 2013. Because of its success and the many people that wanted to volunteer we extended the months to try to be more accommodating for everyone. Therefore, we had to have a name change. We now call the program: Real Men Make a Difference.

As a volunteer you will participate in a variety of tasks during your volunteer day. Tasks may include: assisting with loading of buses; monitoring the lunch room; helping with gym/recess; assisting the teacher in the classroom; shelving library books; working with small groups of student; or listening to beginning readers.

This program is designed as a way for men to be recognized as role models within our school. We (PTO) want to be clear that although this program is encouraging to males; we recognize the importance and welcome volunteering of everyone to help our school!

There will be only one volunteer each day and would prefer it was for a full day. If you are only available for part of the day, please still consider volunteering. However, priority will be given to those available for the full day.

We will try to have you volunteer as much as you can with your student(s). Please know that scheduling and times may conflict and you may be helping our school in other ways as well.

We focus Real Men Make a Difference on certain days in January through April. However, you are always welcome to volunteer. Please contact your child's classroom teacher for more information. If you have any questions please contact: Vanessa Rowell 320-232-5157; Rose Chesire 218-821-1559; Amy Barchus 947-3809 or Tina Hanneken 587-3088.